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How to Cook Chorizo & Eggs
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Today, we are making Chorizo and Eggs, and you’re going to love this recipe because it is so easy and delicious. So what you will need is one package of chorizo. You’re also going to need some eggs. I’m using eight eggs and I’m using two links, Chorizo. Now I’ve got my pen nice and warm on a number five. And I’m going to go ahead and take these casings off of this to Rezo. Be very careful.

Make sure you get all that plastic off and toss it into the pan and do the second one as well. And you’re going to go ahead and mix that up. It looks like it’s a little too high here.

OK, so we’re going to mix it up. Some people at this time, we’ll add their eggs, not me. I want to make sure this chorizo is nicely cooked. So it’s going to make its own juice. And then after that, you’re going to see that it’s going to make like its own little grease. And that’s when you want to start and now you’re going to go ahead and add your eggs. So that’s one I’m going to add eight.

What you can do instead of cracking each egg while it’s cooked well, it’s cooking, you could crack them into a bowl and put them on when it’s time to pour all the eggs on. So once they crack all the eight eggs, I’m going to go ahead and just let it cook for about 30 seconds and then I’m going to go ahead and mix it. So that’s what I’m going to do right now.

It smells so, so good. And let me tell you, this is easy. So I’m learning to cook again for about 30 seconds to a minute, and then I’m going to go ahead and just slowly mix my eggs and then flip them over and then stop to let it cook through a little bit. And then I’m going to mix them up again until all the eggs get thoroughly cooked because I like my eggs to be well done. All right. It looks pretty much done to me right now.

So it will take about maybe four minutes to cook through. It just depends on your stove and how it really heats up. So once it gets really cooked through, that’s the way you like it. Go ahead and grab your plate and put that Chorizo right onto that plate. And there you go. Chorizo and egg and Boyd’s delicious.


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